Money expert Karen McCall recognized a need in the market for a transformative financial tool that was grounded in numbers but included the emotional work required to gain control of your finances and ultimately rewrite your money story. Like many of us, she had been living in a “money coma,” utterly unconscious of her relationship with money — and that relationship was exactly what she needed to understand and change.


So she developed the solution: MoneyGrit.®, a money management software that allows you to re-examine your spending, earnings, and savings and start seeing the possibilities.

Hi, I’m Karen McCall

Back in 1988, there were no money coaches. I know because I was in desperate need of one. Drowning in debt, I felt ashamed and hopeless. But deep down, I was a fighter, and I vowed to persevere with courage and passion to change the trajectory of my life.

I set up the Financial Recovery Institute and began my 33-year career coaching people of all income levels and all walks of life to have a healthy relationship with money.

I don’t believe in budgets because I don’t believe in “can’t.” MoneyGrit. is about planning ahead and working with what you have. It's about finding possibilities without earning more or going without.

MoneyGrit. started as a pen and paper system. It’s now cutting-edge software designed with real people in mind. I know what works, and I know what tools are most effective in helping people realize their financial goals.

Early on in my career, I recognized that following restrictive budgets and paying down debt to the point of deprivation wasn’t sustainable. Instead, I developed a practical system to plan, track, and adjust while honoring your needs, wants, and desires.

I created MoneyGrit. because there is no other program on the market with all of the crucial elements needed to get a reliable picture of your finances and what you can do with them.

It is so important to understand your relationship with money – how and why you spend or save, and the emotional drivers behind your behavior.

If you use it, you’ll learn about yourself, too.

It’s truly transformational.