MoneyGrit will help you spend, save and grow to stay profitable

Don’t undervalue your business by using software that falls short

What if you were crystal clear on your monthly, quarterly and annual cash flow?
What if you could easily cut expenses, and find money to pay yourself what you’re worth?
What if you could finally separate your business expenses from your personal?

MoneyGrit is the only secure software to plan your business expenses, track your income and adjust your plan in real-time. The result? You have a crystal-clear picture of all areas of your business in one place, so you can optimize your earning and grow your business.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1

Purchase MoneyGrit. and log into your account

Step 2

Customise your categories and connect your bank accounts for seamless tracking.

Step 3

Make MoneyGrit. a part of your daily routine.

MoneyGrit. has been developed over 30 years by leading money coaches, based on their clients' needs. It's a proven program for small business owners to get clear on your income and expenses, so you can confidently grow your and scale your business.

Customize Your Categories


Customize Your Categories

MoneyGrit is pre-loaded with detailed and comprehensive categories that reflect a dynamic business. Plus, you can personalize and change the categories based on your needs.

Start planning: plan to meet your needs, wants and goals

Start planning: plan to meet your needs, wants and goals

MoneyGrit. is designed to help you plan for what you can do with the money you have now. With the monthly, periodic and annual spending plan feature, you can plan for big expenses with peace of mind.

Finally, separate your business financials from your personal


Finally, separate your business financials from your personal

Chaos and confusion set in when you are trying to manage your personal and business finances in one place. With MoneyGrit Personal and Business, you can finally separate your expenses.

Will this plan work?


Will this plan work?

Are you planning to invest, take a break, or reduce your hours? Click on MoneyGrit's "Will This Plan Work?" calculator. You'll know exactly how much you'll have at the end of the month or year before you move forward.

Monthly Plan



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Annual Plan



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Frequently Asked Questions

Other programs focus on budgets versus spending plans, which much like dieting, don’t work. MoneyGrit allows you to see all of your finances in one place, and plan for the year ahead – with visibility into each month.

MoneyGrit is programmed with a unique adjustment process that helps you discover your money behaviors. Over time, you will get insight into how you earn and spend.

The unique step-by-step adjustment process teaches you how to manage your money, instead of simply changing your initial figure.

There are free apps on the market, but they fall short in many areas. To succeed, you need a program that teaches you how to plan and modify your spending to reach your goals. Plus, it’s likely less than your monthly coffee budget!

Setting up your dashboard with your personalized categories will be the most time-consuming task. As long as you update the program with your finances, it will become as simple as checking your email. Plus, many features are automated.

No. This program is for anyone who wants to have total control of their money. They want the power of choice and the foresight into the year ahead.

MoneyGrit is secure! MoneyGrit takes full advantage of the latest technology and is 100% cloud-based. (This means you access your account by going to our URL address and inputting your username and password.)

MoneyGrit resides in a Tier 2 hosting facility in the United States which provides 99.98% or better availability, redundant backup power, offsite backup, and other systems to best meet the needs of heavy 24x7 transaction volume.

Beyond MoneyGrit’s application layer security, encryption, SSL for personal data and credit card processing, and 3rd party PCI compliance testing, MoneyGrit is also behind a state-of-the-art firewall to further secure customer information.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with MoneyGrit, so we’re offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unsatisfied? Just email us and we’ll refund your money. We’re that confident you’ll love it.