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Don't undervalue your work by using software that falls short.

If you’ve been searching for a money management tool that does so much more than track the numbers, you’ve finally found it.


Introducing MoneyGrit.®

MoneyGrit. has been designed with built-in processes and systems that reveal how you think, feel, and behave with money.

MoneyGrit. is the only business money management software to fundamentally change the way you run your business finances and your relationship with money.

MoneyGrit. has been developed by Karen McCall, the pioneer of money coaching. She based the software on her decades of experience training money coaches as well as the feedback from thousands of clients about what works and what doesn't when it comes to managing small business finances.


    After you’ve plugged in your expected income and expenses, the Summary Page will answer: Will This Plan Work?

    The next step? You adjust across your categories as necessary until your spending plan number is met.

    This is not a process of elimination -- it's a process of exploration. You'll be exploring ways to meet your needs and honor your responsibilities for less money instead of eliminating them. Once you go through the adjustment process, you will know you have a workable plan.

    Don’t get caught off guard by predictable periodic expenses. Plot your non-monthly periodic expenses on your annual plan, so when they come up, you can easily pay them.

    You may not earn a consistent income. Track your exact earnings to get a clear picture of the money you make so you can plan to always have what you need.

    Creating an annual plan helps you expand your view and begin to look at the possibilities you can create for you and your family.

    As you stay connected to your plan, you’ll notice patterns developing month after month, revealing how a decision you made yesterday affects your finances in the days and months ahead. Once you can identify patterns, you can change your behavior.

    An important part of achieving a healthy relationship with money is learning to tell the difference between needs, wants, and desires. Identifying and taking care of your needs is a skill you will use for the rest of your life and is the key to creating a life filled with meaning, satisfaction, and abundance.

By using MoneyGrit., you’ll:

EASILY pay for monthly and periodic expenses because you’ve built up your periodic savings

ENJOY paid vacations and take the time you need for yourself if you get sick because you’ve built up safety net savings

BENEFIT from your hard work by drawing a fulfilling salary and spending time away from your business

Understand your relationship with money so that you can change your behavior if you need to and align your spending to your business values

See how the numbers work together to create a complete picture of your business finances - think of it as your business GPS. You’ll know where you are, where you’re heading, and the route to take to get there

Wait there's more!

Here’s what you’ll get with MoneyGrit.:

100% Secure

MoneyGrit. is secure! MoneyGrit. takes full advantage of the latest technology and is 100% cloud-based.

Latest Technology

Fast, intuitive, and accurate up-to-the-minute easy-to-use platform will make tracking and planning a simple part of your day.

Customizable Categories

Easily define and quickly set up customizable categories and subcategories that reflect your business needs.

Pre-loaded Common Categories

Tried-and-true expense categories are preprogrammed, so you save time setting up your account.

Periodic Income and Expenses

Plug in your periodic income and expenses, and MoneyGrit. auto-populates your monthly and annual spending plan for you.

MoneyGrit. Academy

Quick and in-depth instructional videos will help you get started the right way.

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Annual Plan



  • One year subscription to MoneyGrit.
  • Instructional and insightful video tutorials led by Creator Karen McCall
  • Access to the private Facebook MoneyGrit Community where you can ask questions, and engage with fellow entrepreneurs

Monthly Plan



  • Monthly subscription to MoneyGrit.
  • Instructional and insightful video tutorials led by Creator Karen McCall
  • Access to the private Facebook MoneyGrit Community where you can ask questions, and engage with fellow entrepreneurs

You may be wondering if MoneyGrit. is right for you. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your MoneyGrit. subscription because if you’re not satisfied, neither are we. So we encourage you to buy it, customize it, and use it. Still not satisfied? We’ll return your money within the first 30 days after purchase. Just email us at:

What MoneyGrit. users are saying

“I had my first 5-figure month!”

After using the Business and Personal program for 5 months, I nearly doubled my income and had my first 5-figure month. Once I began tracking my business spending, something in my mind shifted. I could see a bigger picture.

- Rachel V.

“The planning functions are clear and easy to use”

I can set it up so it reflects my life and how I think about it. Plus the built-in planning features tell me if my planned spending will not work out exactly as planned. If not, I can go back and adjust.

- Sarah M.

“This program can change your life”

For such a reasonable price you can get in touch with your money, have more peace around money, and save money. When we are managing our money, life becomes so much easier and more enjoyable. You'll see a return on your investment very quickly.

- Debby & John

Frequently Asked Questions

MoneyGrit. is the only software on the market that gives you the ability to plan for the month and year ahead. MoneyGrit. is tailored to the needs of a small business owner, including the periodic expenses and income calendar, as well as the Summary Page so you know in an instant if your plan will work.

MoneyGrit. is a software designed by money coaches. It’s built-in features and accompanying tutorials teach you how to better understand and manage your money based on your unique relationship with money.

No, you cannot execute payroll or track inventory in MoneyGrit.

Your money is worth your time. The number one predictor of success is your relationship with money, so it’s important you give it the time and energy it needs.

When it comes to setting up your dashboard, it’s a simple process and a way to get to know your finances inside and out.

As long as you update the program with your finances, it will become as simple as checking your email. Plus, many features are automated.

MoneyGrit. is secure! MoneyGrit. takes full advantage of the latest technology and is 100% cloud-based. (This means you access your account by going to our URL address and inputting your username and password.)

MoneyGrit. resides in a Tier-2 hosting facility in the United States which provides 99.98% or better availability, redundant backup power, offsite backup, and other systems to best meet the needs of heavy 24x7 transaction volume.

Beyond MoneyGrit.’s application layer security, encryption, SSL for personal data and credit card processing, and 3rd party PCI compliance testing, MoneyGrit. is also behind a state-of-the-art firewall to further secure customer information.