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Here are some of the ways MoneyGrit. can help you:

  • Get conscious, clear, and connected to all aspects of your money, including all money in and all money out.

  • Become aware of the differences between your wants and your needs.

  • Plan your spending and earning. Create a GPS for your money each month and eventually for the year.

  • Track your money against your plan. This is where the emotional heavy lifting takes place.

  • Get conscious of your use of credit cards and debt so that you're not spending unconsciously on things that don’t really matter.

  • Begin to understand your relationship with savings, and if this is a practice that has eluded you, learn how to overcome this self-defeating behavior.

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Karen McCall

All of these reasons were true for me. I could never have imagined the payoffs of facing my problems with money. In 1989, I founded Financial Recovery, a counseling service to help people overcome their money problems. I knew how to help people because I’d been there. I knew that I needed to create a way for individuals and business owners to get strong with money while being sensitive to the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of their relationship with money.

Karen McCall

Founder, MoneyGrit.

What is MoneyGrit.?

MoneyGrit. is a holistic program that helps you create the life you were meant to live.

Sounds simple, right? It’s not that simple for everyone. Some of us have been resistant to gaining total clarity about our money.

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